Tekapo to Arrowtown

This post picks up after my one about Christchurch. After we left there, we headed south through Makenzie country, eventually ending up in Queenstown – but for now let me share with you the part of the trip from Tekapo to Arrowtown…


  • Love, love, love the Church of the Good Shepherd which sits overlooking the lake. What a place to sit and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation.
  • It was FREEZING the night we stayed there. Woke up to some fresh snow on the surrounding hills.
  • The snow clouds which rolled in at night sadly meant there was to be no stargazing for us; that remains on the bucket list for now.
  • There’s a pretty cool flying fox down by the lake which is fun to go on!
  • The hot pools at Tekapo are great. Lovely being able to sit and look over the lake and towards the mountains.

The drive through to Wanaka:

  • The colour of the lakes in this region is incredible!
  • The cloud was starting to clear, but hadn’t lifted high enough for us to see Mt Cook.


  • Cloudy when we got there, but by the time we woke up the next morning any trace of cloud had completely vanished! And what’s more, it didn’t return for the rest of our trip!
  • We were so proud of successfully finding all four corners in the maze at Puzzling World in just 20 minutes (apparently the maze takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes to complete), however we then spent the next 11 minutes trying to find the exit!
  • Ate breakfast by the lake on a stunning morning, after having found (and photographed) the famous “that Wanaka tree”. Special mention to the overly-tame duck which kept trying to steal our food from us.

The road to Arrowtown:

  • What wonderful views you get driving over the Crown Range! There is a fantastic carpark to pull over it at the top and look out through the mountains towards Queenstown and Lake Wakitipu. Great to drive past the famous Cardona Hotel too – even if we didn’t stop there for a drink.
  • I love Arrowtown. It would probably be my favourite small town in New Zealand. Beautifully quaint, and just oozing character.

Next post will be the second half of the trip…. Queenstown!


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