Summer at the lakes

Another year over, a new one just begun – hard to believe really! (How many times have you heard people say this in the last week?) Although what I actually find harder to believe is that just a couple of months ago I was living in Sydney. That feels just like a dream now, or something that could have happened in another life.

Christmas time and the annual gathering at the lakes is always a highlight of the year. There’s nothing like heading out of town for a few days and having a good old kiwi holiday with a tent/caravan/bach, BBQs, jandals, enjoying the water and summer sun – and of course spending some great time hanging out with the extended family. How privileged I feel to be able to spend a weekend away in such a beautiful place and with family members who all get on so well with each other :).

A few snaps off the iphone…

Turning out dinner like a well oiled machine! Great team work.
Getting advice from the expert chocolate log maker.
The most beautiful water to swim in!
Family swingball games.
Chilling out together.

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