February, and Marching on.

It is now over a year since I first came to Australia. The most common response I get when I tell people that I turned up here without a job, permanent place to live, or really anything lined up, is “wow you are so brave to do that!”. Well, I never felt like it was an act of bravery. The funny thing is it [miraculously?] didn’t feel scary either. I guess I considered the worst case scenario was only buying a plane ticket home again, and that didn’t sound too terrifying.

However, to leave everything familiar behind, pack your life into a suitcase (moving house after six months showed me it doesn’t take long to accumulate stuff again) and start from scratch in a new country isn’t exactly something you do every day. Regardless of whether it was “a brave thing to do” or not, I have been blown away with how everything has worked out. I have been looked after far beyond what I could have hoped, imagined and certainly beyond anything I deserve.

It has been a year of new surroundings, a new job, meeting new people and having to build new friendships. A year of more coffees than I would ever want to count, of being appalled at how expensive avocados are here (I remember family selling six for $3 back home), being amazed at the location I get to live in, and learning things like “nektrin” is how Australians seem to pronounce nectarine – amongst other amusing or subtle differences between words and accents.

The year has seen gloriously sunny days, scorching ones where the breeze is hot, thunder storms and smoke clouds, and incredible lightning storms. It has felt like we have had at least six months of summer. Pretty great really, but as nice as that has been – and I know not everyone feels this way – I actually can’t wait for some cooler weather to come now! I’ve seen many beautiful sun rises and sun sets by the beach, and perhaps most importantly, have not had to deal with any freakishly large spiders in my room all year!!!!!!!! I did have a HUGE dragonfly at one point though and that was bad enough to try and get rid of! Spiders please continue to stay away 🙂

One year in and half of me finds it hard to believe that this much time has passed by already. The other half disagrees, feeling that once routine is established and you start to feel settled, time becomes a bit of a blur and maybe it could be at least two years already. Looking at my photos from the last month or so I didn’t think I had enough of any one particular event/occasion to warrant a specific post, so below is a collection of sights from the last couple of months.

Sunrise by the beach.
Sydney cityscape at night
An evening at the outdoor cinema.
Freshwater beach
Coffees on a rainy weekend.
Visitor from NZ!
Visitor from NZ!
juliarachel photography sydney opera house
Doing touristy things with Lis.
Sunrise on the Sydney ferry.
One of the numerous thunder storms we’ve had in the last month or two.
Combating stormy days with multiple cups of tea.
NZ Breakers vs Sydney Kings game.

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