Out of the city and into the mountains

Last weekend I ventured up to the Blue Mountains with some others for the weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect – practically crystal clear skies and a number of degrees cooler than Sydney has been. I am in what feels a bit of a minority group of people who prefer the cooler weather to the warm. While most people have been delighted to have such a mild winter here in Sydney, I feel like this year I have been cheated out of my winter! Therefore to escape to a slighter colder place, even if warmer than I had expected, was great.

From the lookout at Echo Point you could really see why the place is known as the Blue Mountains. The view really does appear to have a blue tinge to it everywhere you look. The scenery is quite spectacular. Walking down to The Three Sisters early in the morning turned out to be a great plan as there were only a small number of other people there. I have been once before in the middle of the day and it can get very busy with tourists, so I definitely recommend going early if you can.

One other point which I wouldn’t have known if the motel owner hadn’t told us, is that at night The Three Sisters are actually lit up and is worth a look then too. Although I have to say it does feel slightly eerie – especially on a windy night like when we were there – being the only ones down at the lookout in the dark!

juliarachel blue mountains echo point

juliarachel blue mountains

juliarachel blue mountains

juliarachel blue mountains

In writing this post and looking back through photos I realised that the last few Augusts have involved travel of some sort!

This year I am in Australia……

juliarachel australia trabel

Last year in August I travelled to Sri Lanka (see my post Having the time of my life in Sri Lanka)…..

juliarachel travel sri lanka

The year before that I went to Dunedin (now that was the true meaning of cold! See my post about the snowy weekend down south)…….

juliarachel dunedin travel

I wonder what next August will bring????


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