A caffeinated post

Nothing like good weather and great coffee! Although, in bad weather drinking coffee is possibly one of the best options of how to fill in a day too 🙂

Barefoot coffee and macaroons
Delicious coffee from Barefoot in Manly, and macarons.

Barefoot coffee traders in Manly make amazing coffee. They just do coffee, and they do it well. Always packed in the weekends (and probably busy during the week too – I just don’t get a chance to venture there then) it seems to be a popular spot for those with the advantage of local knowledge. It sits one block back from the Corso, so gets missed by the cascades of tourists streaming off the ferries. That may just be another reason why it is great.
Conveniently situated next door is Adriano Zumbo, where you can buy macarons which taste as good as their bright colours look. There are plenty of flavours – all which somehow taste EXACTLY as their name suggests. I don’t know how they do it! Packaged in cute little boxes they make a gorgous treat for yourself (Barefoot Coffee don’t mind you taking them into their cafe and eating them there) or a cute gift for someone else!

Coffee at the beach
Afternoon coffee at Palm Beach.
Coffee at the beach
Another weekend coffee at Palm Beach.
Coffee at North Head, Manly
Coffee at North Head, Manly

If walking out to the Fairfax lookouts alone isn’t appealing enough then coffee lovers you will be pleased to know you can get a coffee out on North Head too! You can sit back and enjoy the sight of the iconic Sydney skyline in one direction, or the view out to the Pacific Ocean in the other. A nice spot to escape the business of the city centre and the crowds which weekends seem to bring to the Northern Beaches!

Coffee at North Head, Manly
Deciding what to cook! Consulting my trusted books by Annabel Langbein and Jamie Oliver

I love good food and I like to cook. This year I have been very organised with my meals and plan what I am going to make ahead of time and then shop accordingly. Not only does it save the hassle of “what am I going to make for dinner tonight?” but it also is a great money saving scheme!

French toast and coffee
French toast with banana and yoghurt, coffee, and reading Miranda.

I felt like a treat one Saturday morning so I made myself French toast! Topped with cinnamon, banana and greek yoghurt and accompanied by plunger coffee and Miranda Hart’s “Is It Just Me?” it was a very pleasant start to the day.

Coffee run
Photo shoot day for work – out on the morning coffee run!

Early starts on location for photo shoots require caffeine for everyone! Being out on the set of a photoshoot (filming behind the scenes stuff) and getting coffee… I was happy enough with that!


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