Cultural and sporting outings

Josh Groban, Sydney Opera House
Josh Groban at the Sydney Opera House (All That Echoes tour 2013)

For a long time I had wanted to hear Josh Groban live. He has the most incredible voice and I could hardly imagine how great it would be to in the audience of one of his shows. Around the time I was considering moving to Australia, it was announced he was going to be doing a concert in Auckland, NZ, as part of his All That Echoes tour. I had to decide whether I would still be in the country to go to that, or whether to risk buying a ticket to the Sydney show! The ticket to his concert at the Sydney Opera House was the first thing I bought related to my move to Australia. I now had a date set for when I actually needed to be there!

The show was beyond fantastic. It was absolutely sensational. I had always thought I would love to go to a show in the Opera House too, and what a concert to have as my introduction to the place!

Needless to say, if I am ever in a city where Josh Groban is performing again, I will be at the show!

NZ Breakers Sydney Kings
NZ Breakers vs Sydney Kings

In complete contrast to the musical wonderment mentioned above, the month of April also saw me be in a crowd of a basketball game. Basketball is one of the few sports I actually enjoy watching. (I feel as though I SHOULD like rugby, being a kiwi, but basketball is just a lot more fun to watch).

The end of the NBL season had the New Zealand Breakers playing the Sydney Kings in the semi finals. Watching the game as part of a Sydney crowd rather than a NZ one back home certainly was different, but nonetheless great fun – especially because the Breakers won 🙂


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