More sights

Last week I went for an extra long walk/run around the cliffs of the eastern beaches. Here’s Bondi Beach, where I started:
This is a bit further along:
This is Coogee, which is as far as I walked:
By the time I got back home I think I had walked/ran over 16km. It was great though!

This photos is one I took last weekend during the middle of a sun shower. I still have no idea how it was actually raining when the sky above was clear and blue!IMG_0750

I started my new job this week! I think it will be great.
Circular Quay early in the morning this earlier week:

And catching the ferry home one evening:

This is Manly on a beautiful morning this week:

The weather has been so spectacular here lately that catching two ferries on my way to work has been fabulous! Although I am looking forward to moving across so I don’t have to travel for as long as I do at the moment to get to work – about an hour and half!


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