A new year in paradise



I have never really been one for big parties; a smaller gathering with good friends sounds far more appealing to me. I would rather be able to sit around and laugh and enjoy good food and company in a place where you can hear what people are saying, than be in a room full of people having to shout small talk into the ear of an stranger or some acquaintance.

Therefore, seeing the new year in with a couple of good girlfriends at Waihi Beach was just my cup of tea! (we had plenty of those too). With weather that was to die for, we could do plenty of swimming, sunbathing and just general chilling out and enjoying the time together! (we all live in different parts of the country/world now so it was great to be able to catch up).

Waihi Beach is a lovely part of the North Island. I hadn’t been there for years and my past memories of the place are of grey days and bluebottle jellyfish being washed up after storms….
waihi-beach-grey-3 waihi-beach-grey-1 waihi-beach-grey-1

This long weekend certainly put to rest those memories and completely changed my opinion of the place. Mt Maunganui is a high bench mark to be measured against, but putting my bias opinion aside I do think Waihi Beach is a lovely spot to visit – for just an afternoon or to stay for a few days. It has feel of what I would imagine Mt Maunganui would have felt like 50 years ago – an older world. I like that. It’s a good old small kiwi town – relatively free from commercialism and fancy high rise apartments. You can walk up the road in bare feet to get fish and chips and imagine that the locals would all know each other, or the holiday makers who come at the same time each year would get to become familar with each other too as the years have gone by. I love the community and family feel of the place. It is unspoiled, and I hope it remains that way.

Well enough nostalgic rambling from me…. here are a few photos from the weekend…













Seeing as the timing of this post is the New Year:


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