Heading into Autumn

“Therefore, be of good courage, and trust that thou art preserved for some marvel which thine arm shall work before this people”
– from Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott.

I finished reading Ivanhoe the other week. I think if I had read it over a short period of time I might not have got a bit confused with who was who as I did. Reading small amounts at a time isn’t ideal, but I got there in the end. I wish I had holidays to indulge in hours of reading! I enjoyed the old language and the great descriptions of things in the book. It was an adventure tale set in twelfth century England when there was conflict between the Saxons and the Normans. Containing knights, outlaws, battles and rescues I thought it was an good read.

The colder weather is slowly extending its reach to this part of the world again. It is making me realise my wardrobe is rather unprepared for the transition to winter – except for the beautiful new coat I bought!

I am delighted it is a short week (Anzac day on Wednesday). A break in the middle of a [rather busy and stressful] week of work is most welcome.

I am also thrilled my indoor netball game is at 5.45pm tomorrow night so it won’t clash with watching the final of the NBL. That will be a very exciting and tense game! I’m looking forward to it. (#gobreakers #breakernation)

That’s about it for now. Please visit my fundraising page for my Habitat trip by clicking here. And one more thing – eat lots of feijoas while they are in season! Yum!


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