A snowy weekend down south

Most people love summer and spend most of the winter longing for the warmth of January to return. Although I do love a good kiwi summer enjoying the sun and the beach and everything that goes with it, I also go against the grain a bit and love the winter. Ok, maybe not days on end of rain, but give me a crisp morning on a crystal clear winter day, and give me my boots, coat and scarf and I will be happy!

It seems fitting that the time I finally, after a number of years of saying I should do so, manage to get down to visit my bestie in Dunedin that it would be the COLDEST weekend of winter! It snowed right in the city centre of Dunedin itself, closing the roads out to the airport and canceling flights. I had to extend my trip by two extra days (what a pity!) due to the snowfall.

Thankfully the night we attended the law school ball was the night before it began to snow. It was cold enough that evening, but I can’t imagine having to be out in a dress and heels in the snow!

Now I said before that I don’t mind the winter, but this was a whole other level of winter! We spent most of the day hopping from the cosy sub-climates of one cafe to the next when we felt obliged to relinquish our table to some other people seeking refuge from the snow. (Not a bad way to spend the time really!). The nights were spent huddling by the oven as we cooked dinner, hoping futilely to absorb some warmth radiating out from it.

I’m glad I got to experience the true depths of a South Island winter. Although it was FREEZING, I still enjoyed it.

Cups of tea: an absolute necessity.
Going to the law ball.
Pancakes for breakfast. These were the half sized ones!!!



Watching the snow from the warmth of a cafe.
Yep, this is the good life.


Braving the snow for the sake of taking some pictures.



Trying to stay warm in the kitchen.
These are amazing! Would definitely get a pair if I lived in such a cold place.


Breathtaking sights on the flight home. Wish there had been less cloud cover though!

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