A few links to view and a brief update.

I don’t think I ever mentioned that I am now properly located in Tauranga. Furniture and everything else all got moved back here early in April. The time has gone so fast and Auckland already seems like a whole other life now. After a very mild start to May, the temperature has dropped in the last two days. Luckily I don’t mind the cold and I think coats and scarves are some of the best things about winter. Can’t wait to visit Dunedin later in the winter.

Tauranga has been lovely and the work experience has been going really well. Think I am going to end up staying……

Had to work at the HomeShow last weekend and consequently had my “weekend” last Tuesday and Wednesday. After working Thurs-Fri, then all weekend and now all week I am well and truly ready for another weekend!

I don’t really have all that much to report at the moment. So here at just a few odds and ends:

Loving this song at the moment (plus 100% of the proceeds of sale go to providing fresh drinking water for communities around the world through the Good Trust. http://www.good.org.nz, so you should check it out on Itunes!):

And, despite loyally being of the “the-book-is-way-better-than-the-movies” opinion, I am looking forward to seeing the final Harry Potter movie:

A few recent pics (or recently reviewed):

You can see more of my photos at www.facebook.com/juliarachelphotography


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