Only about 5 months since my last post….

Just when you thought I must have given up on this blog altogether, I return!  Have been appallingly slack at this, but have been appallingly busy – with things that aren’t terribly interesting and therefore not necessarily worth taking the time to blog about.

Here are a couple of photos from the first half of the year. I actually haven’t taken many in the last months really. Guess uni has really taken over my life at the moment so haven’t had a great deal of time for anything else.


Luke and Rachael’s wedding:


Sunset up Mt Eden one night. Saw that it was going to be lovely as I was walking home one evening so as soon as I got in the door I grabbed my camera and got in my car and drove up just in time to catch this:


I won my first competition ever this year and it was a great one to win! It involved winning  VIP tickets to Diamond Day at the Auckland Cup races for me and 3 friends. We also got Corporate Cabs to take us there and a complimentary glass of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne (ended up being 2 glasses because we got another one along with strawberries and nibbles during our session in the VIP lounge), and because we in the Nicolas Feuillatte marquee the experience also included a gourmet lunch and afternoon tea. As the winner I also got to enjoy a professional make-up artist coming to my house before hand to do my hair and make-up. Here are a couple of pictures:


Only a couple of weeks of this semester left (thank goodness!). This year has most definitely been the busiest one yet. Many assignments all which take a lot of time and effort. Looking forward to holidays very much.

My day got off to a good start this morning with walking to uni enjoying the lovely morning. It then further improved when someone told us they had just been to Starbucks to get a coffee but their espresso machine was broken. This may sound like a bad thing, but let me explain. As a result of this they were giving away free tea or filter coffee. As you might imagine several of us suddenly uprooted from our seats and went down there to check this out for ourselves, and returned happy with free coffee in hand. The day ended relatively well as well, with me managing to hand in one assignment today – a day early! Have another one I need to finish tomorrow though and then I might actually get a chance to start studying for my exam, but all in all this day was a lot better than some of my other ones recently.


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