An overdue update

It has been a while since my last post, so I am going to take the easy option and bullet-point a few things from the last month or so:

  • Went on my trip to the South Island
    • It was January, but the temperature made it feel like July. Insanely cold. Wish I had taken a few more warm clothes, but I had been expecting it to be really hot.
    • Spectacular scenery!
    • Loved the fact that down there it didn’t get dark until 10pm. This meant we had some awesome soccer games at night.
    • Poor weather conditions (meaning little work) amongst other things consequently meant I ended up coming home a little earlier than expected
    • Little work meant we had heaps of time to fill in (both bad and good!!) – went to Queenstown and Wanaka a few times, and other little towns. Love this part of the country.
    • Spent New Year’s eve in Queenstown.
    • Met lots of cool people from all over the world who are in NZ on working holidays.
    • Ate some incredibly huge and yum cherries.


  • Since being back have been enjoying doing not all that much. Feel like after having been to Cambodia and also to the South Island, that I am entitled to just relax and do nothing for the rest of the holidays.
  • Have been for a few swims at the beach – the water is lovely and warm. Shame about the seaweed in the water the other day…
  • Have had the odd day or work here and there which is helpful.
  • Shifted furniture to up to my flat – it looks great and I am looking forward to moving up properly soon.
  • Saw Avatar at the cinema, finally. WOW. Possibly the most visually beautiful film I have ever seen. And seriously cool in 3D.
  • New season of Grey’s Anatomy starting tonight 🙂 Very happy. Actually think I will go and watch it now. (have been recording with MySky so I can fast forward the numerous ads!)

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