Nearly 1 week of holiday has gone by already. How abruptly my life changed from not being able to comprehend how I would complete all my uni assignments and exams, to comfortably sitting at home with a cup of tea in hand.

I have been home for 3 days already and have already been to the movies once and have read an entire book from start to finish. What a luxury. Reading is something I never allow myself to indulge in during the semester as it would steal too much time away from me. And I need to at least attempt to reduce the distractions I have when I am supposed to be studying!

I have also been for 2 bike rides, exploring my old territory here at home. Much is still the same, but it seems the number of empty sections around here is decreasing. It is becoming harder and harder to remember what the place looked like when we first moved here. Seeing young BC students walking home is a strange thing too – the years I spent there seem like an age ago; another life perhaps.  I remember years ago looking at the senior students thinking they seemed so big and old! Now the perspective is quite the opposite.

8 days until I leave for Cambodia. That has certainly come up very quickly. Feel like I will be on a plane before I know it and before I really have comprehended that I am actually going on this trip! Exciting though.

Here is a picture from my cellphone – I took it on one of my last days in Auckland when I decided to enjoy the spectacular evening by walking up Mt Eden:



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