Week eight, semester two

It is currently week 8 of semester 2.  I have 5 more assignments to complete and an exam before the end of the year. There are 6 weeks to go until university is finished for the year. I have calculated it, and that works out to be 15 more lectures, 10 more tutorials and 10 more workshops (35 more classes). This works out to be a total of 65 hours of class contact hours (but will mean countless hours of out-of-class work).

The two weeks break from uni went by rather quickly. Spent the first week in Auckland working on assignments, and the second week in Tauranga – but also working on assignments….. Nice to have a change of scenery though and enjoy a few home comforts and being a bit spoilt!  But also nice to return to Auckland again and friends – came back in the weekend and went to a BBQ at some friends’ flat – fun to hang out with them. Enjoyed the sun on Sunday afternoon after church by having lunch in a park and playing a casual game of soccer. Then since Monday it has been back to uni.

Feel like my calendar between now and the end of the uni year is very full of both social occasions and assignments/uni work! Will have to employ some serious time management I think……

Here are a couple of  photos I took while in Tauranga:





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