Holidays and home

  • Nice to be home in a part of the country where the weather remains constant all day long.
  • Am loving the 5 glorious days of sunshine we have had so far. Long may it last.
  • I’m thankful for the electric blanket on my bed.
  • I am enjoying just relaxing and entertaining myself doing little things. Reading a book is a luxury that seems to get saved until the holidays.
  • Baked a yum cake today – new recipe – Date and Walnut cake.
  • Watched the film “Australia”. Exceeded the very low expectations I had for it.
  • It’s good to be in a house that has actual coffee beans and not just instant coffee.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum says:

    Was nice to have you here. Thanks for delicious meals cooked courtesy of Jamie! Also for the baking. Think I will be dieting from now on! I think the 5 days of sun you mentioned might have been the only 5 days of sun we had all holidays. I certainly did not experience them when I was on holiday. Mum xx

  2. juliarachel says:

    Thanks for having me home.
    And I enjoyed trying out those new recipes! What a great recipe book it is!

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