End of holidays and the beginning of semester two

After a month of beautifully relaxing holiday, I today returned to the bustling world of university.  Being back to work and amongst hundreds of students again is quite a contrast to the last number of weeks which consisted largely of reading books by the fire. There was also a trip to Taupo in there (see photos), catching up with old friends, some cooking, and filling in time with other mindless things which you can do when on holiday and not feel guilty that you are wasting precious studying time!


Looking across Lake Taupo to the mountains in the late afternoon.


Mt Ngauruhoe.

Whakapapa 14July09

In the snow.


Yummy yummy coffee and scones in the Chateau!

I have to mention before I go, that Coldplay’s new video for “Stawberry Swing” is super cool. I highly recommend going here: http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=445 and then following the link to watch the video.

Also, Grey’s Anatomy was great last night. Looking forward to the 2 hour episode next week. However, as it is the season finale, I am also not looking forward to it being over for another year. At least it has been renewed for a 6th season, so it will be back next year!!


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