Viva la Vida

Last week I went to a concert which was one of the most amazing experiences ever
At the end of last year when I heard that Coldplay were coming to Auckland I knew that it would be one concert I definitely did not want to miss. And I was right about that!

Right from the opening where the band came onto stage with “Life in Technicolor” the show was amazing. The band sounded brilliant, their stage presence great, the visuals captivating and the atmosphere unbelievable!
To be 2-3 metres from the front made it all the better (a well worthwhile result of lining up 3 hours early!)

They played most of the songs of their latest album as well as all the songs of previous albums which you really wanted to hear. To hear the entire sold out arena (12,000 people?)  sing along to “Fix You” was fantastic.

All I know is that missing this show would be something I would have seriously regretted. It was well worth the ticket price, and any other show from now on will be hard pressed to beat this one.


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